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Group Göran Stenman

Research Summary

Fusion genes are potent oncogenes generated by tumor-specific chromosome translocations. Recent studies indicate that fusion genes occur in most malignancies and account for at least 20% of human cancer morbidity. An increasing number of these fusions are being recognized as important diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and as targets for new therapies.

We focus on the biology of human translocation-associated carcinomas and sarcomas. These tumor types are particularly interesting because in contrast to other solid tumors, their fusion genes are directly involved in tumor pathogenesis. Our laboratory has extensive experience in this field and has cloned and characterized a series of fusion oncogenes, involving for example the EWSR1, PLAG1, HMGA2, CRTC, and MYB genes, in sarcomas and in tumors of exocrine glands.

Some of the recurring themes of our laboratory include cloning and functional characterization of new gene fusions, development of translocation-positive cell lines, new diagnostic biomarker assays, and identification of genomic rearrangements/mutations using state of the art genomic approaches. These studies provide a base for development of new molecularly based classifications of human tumors.

Our current focus centers on studies of the molecular pathogenesis and clinical significance of gene fusions, in particular the MYB-NFIB fusion, in carcinomas of the breast, skin, and head and neck. Using a combination of in vitro and in vivo tumor models (incl xenografts) we aim to identify and characterize cancer stem cells, the transcriptional targets of the fusions, and ultimately develop new targeted therapies for these malignancies.

Research tools and resources

We use state-of-the-art genomics approaches and molecular and cellular biology techniques to identify and functionally characterize genetic changes in human carcinomas and sarcomas to identify new biomarkers and treatment strategies.

Current group members

Göran Stenman, DMD, PhD, Professor
Fredrik Persson, MD, PhD, Postdoc
Marta Persson, PhD, Postdoc
Paloma Tejera Nevado, Post doc
Maryam Kakay Afshari MD, PhD student
André Fehr, PhD, Staff scientist
Mattias Andersson, PhD, Staff scientist

Selected publications

  1. Fehr A, Kovács A, Löning T, Frierson H Jr, van den Oord J, Stenman G (2011). The MYB-NFIB gene fusion – a novel genetic link between adenoid cystic carcinoma and dermal cylindroma. J Pathol 224:322–327.
  2. Stenman G, Andersson M, Andrén Y (2010). New tricks from an old oncogene – gene fusions and copy number alterations of MYB in human cancer. Cell Cycle 9:2986–2985.
  3. Persson M, Andrén Y, Mark J, Horlings HM, Persson F, Stenman G (2009). Recurrent fusion of MYB and NFIB transcription factor genes in carcinomas of the breast and head and neck. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 106:18740–18744.
  4. Persson F, Winnes M, Andrén Y, Wedell B, Dahlenfors R, Asp J, Mark J, Enlund F, Stenman G (2008). High-resolution array CGH analysis of salivary gland tumors reveals fusion and amplification of the FGFR1 and PLAG1 genes in ring chromosomes. Oncogene 27:3072–3080.
  5. Möller E, Stenman G, Mandahl N, Hamberg H, Mölne L, van den Oord JJ, Brosjö O, Mertens F, Panagopoulos I (2008). POU5F1, encoding a key regulator of stem cell pluripotency, is fused to EWSR1 in hidradenoma of the skin and mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the salivary glands. J Pathol 215:78–86.


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Contact information

Göran Stenman

E-mail: Göran Stenman
Phone: +46 (0)31 786 6733

Visiting address:
Sahlgrenska Cancer Center
Medicinaregatan 1F
413 90 Gothenburg

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